About us

HortiSpot has been set up in 2012 by Chris van Eunen, landscaper engineer and Jefke Lancrenon, landscape architect DipLa, CMLI.

HortiSpot is composed by two independent consultant agencies Intens Groen, established in Overijssel, The Netherlands and Lancrenon Paysage, established in the Puy-de-Dôme, France.

HortiSpot mainly focus on the built environment such as professional and individual gardens, landscapes, parks, roof gardens and terraces, management and maintenance planning etc. in France and in The Netherlands.

Multicultural and strongly interested in other working methods in order to create sustainable and imaginative spaces for all.

HortiSpot has acquired a good understanding of both cultures in order to bridge cultural and professional gaps encountered. In this way Hortispot is able to obtain the best possible results on projects that are entrusted to it.

HortiSpot advises and manages clients’ interests (individuals, companies, developers, foundations, public sector) in the best possible way.